Omar Budeiri

Founder & Project Manager

Omar heads up the team, scoping out the projects, working out the plan and keeping clients informed. He also gets his hands dirty with creative, and has read pretty much every sales & marketing book on the planet.

Nerdiness aside, Omar has tonnes of experience, both within an agency and in-house, which makes him quite canny at viewing the marketing process from multiple angles. His ten-year career has led him into various fields, and he has been finalised for various awards, including the coveted BYPY (Birmingham’s Young Professional of the Year) in 2014.

Team OBC Digital Ashley Curtlin

Ashley Curtlin

WordPress Developer

Ashley is our resident ‘king of clean’, putting up sleek WordPress sites and making them agile across all devices. This guy knows WordPress inside-out, making the magic happen in record-time, then putting it live. He’s also a dab-hand at last-minute mock-ups and logo design. He never buckles under pressure, and can always be relied on to get the project over the line.

In his spare time, he’s currently in phase 1/6 of his ‘awesome’ tattoo. When it’s finished, he’ll be a work of art, just like one of his websites.

Lizzie Jordan


Armed with an iPhone (or an SLR if she’s feeling particularly swag) and a degree in Media & Communications, Lizzie takes stunning photographs, designs your ads and puts together punchy, vibrant social campaigns to engage your audience.

Always smiling and giving 100%, she’s our resident style authority, killing it day to day with her fiery red hair and her top-notch dress-sense. She’s responsible for all the imagery on this site, and manages our (and all our clients’) facebook, twitter and instagram accounts.

India Rafiqi


India is our resident ideas person. She takes photos of everything she likes, and re-builds the stuff she doesn’t. She is a perpetual source of positivity in the OBC office, regularly showing up in clothes she stitched herself and relentless in her attempts to persuade us that we should eat less animals (and more vegetables).

India studied fine art at BIAD adding layers of colour to our monochrome slickness. She’s always offering us new perspectives and drops ideas like like Hansel & Gretel dropped breadcrumbs. Check her out on instagram.

Consulting Team

Team OBC Digital Paul Felton

Paul Felton

Senior Design Consultant

Ever looked at a piece of design and just felt complete and utter envy? Well, when we saw some of Paul Felton’s work, we knew we’d found the guy that was going to make sure everything we did, looked good. Paul is one of the most promising designers in the UK, already having a series of awards under his belt. He makes branding beautiful. Think of him as the Michael Caine to our Sandra Bullock. Yeah I said it. He’s got the Midas touch. If you’d like to see some if his work, why not check out his portfolio>

Tom Cullen

Senior Social Media Consultant

Tom was Associate Editor at the UK’s biggest upmarket men’s magazine, ShortList, before becoming editor of and Editor-In-Chief of London-focused e-magazine, Mr Hyde.

Having moved back to Birmingham to launch his own title: I Choose Birmingham, he promptly won the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year award in Communications, 2015.

Back at OBC, Tom ensures that our social media is on par with the best, and with a 30,000 strong following of passionate Brummies, gives our clients real insight into the city, and the people.