How did we remember anyone’s birthday before Social media? Are selfies just cringe? Do people really get paid £50K to post things on Instagram?

  1. I don’t know.
  2. Probably.
  3. Definitely.

Social is the new media. It’s even got it’s own currency system: Likes, followers and re-tweets are the new dollars, and we’re here to help you capitalise. Combine a well thought out social presence with a stunning WordPress site and a solid search strategy, and you’re well on your way to more engagement, and more sales.

OBC Digital Social St. Philips Cathedral 2

Social Case Study No.1 – Glimpse

Glimpse Opticians pitched up in Great Western Arcade a couple of months back. This intrigued us. They didn’t look like any normal opticians. They had exposed brick, light-boxes, hipsters behind the counter and a beer-fridge. On closer inspection, we realised that their cheapest glasses were £350. That’s when we became really interested. Glimpse are unique, so we teamed with local magazine, I Choose Birmingham, to develop a social campaign guaranteed to turn heads. #WatchThisSpace

OBC Digital Social Glimpse Logo

Social Case Study No.2 – Sabai Sabai

Isn’t that just the most beautiful ‘S’ you’ve ever seen? Top Birmingham designer Ceri Looker has been hard at work on a new visual ID for Thai restaurant chain Sabai Sabai, with branches in Moseley, Harborne, Stratford-upon-Avon and a new addition in Birmingham City Centre due to open in mid-November. These guys are great ambassadors for Thai food in the city, and they’ve been busy this year, winning a Birmingham Award and taking on their flagship property on Waterloo Street, in close proximity to Damascena (best falafel in the city) and Fumo (best espresso martini). OBC have been selected to take care of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, with support from I Choose Birmingham.