Search engines. Everybody’s first port of call when they’re looking for something. At least 8 times out of 10, people find what they’re looking for on a search engine, so once we’ve built your site, we use the latest knowledge and tools to stack the cards in your favour.

We produce quality content for your site, take measures to decrease page-load time, and build internal links from page to page so that your users can find what they’re looking for.

Google penalises people with high bounce-rates, so we minimise them by ensuring that your content is compelling enough for visitors to stick around.

OBC Digital Search St. Philips Cathedral

Finally, we give you a little boost by building you beautiful AdWords campaigns. AdWords is Google’s matchmaking service, matching visitor intent with pages on your site. We even use AdWords to remarket to people that have been on your site, but for whatever reason haven’t heeded the call-to-action. It’s all pay to play, but we believe you’re better off having us play on your behalf.

Search & PPC Case Study No.1 – Minima

Minima are local heroes in Birmingham, so naturally, we were thrilled that they chose to work with us for search and PPC. They sell beautiful, Scandinavian mid-century modern furniture from brands such as Knoll and Fritz Hansen to professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We supported them with an AdWords campaign, based on their strong, sought-after brand-list, and did some valuable link-building with local online publication Bell & Smokey.

Case Study No.2 – Midland Autocentres

Midland Autocentres are a rapidly expanding local chain of garages, specialising in MOTs, Tyres, Electrics and Diesel Tuning. They have three garages and are on the acquisition path for one more by the time the year is up. They came to us with a fixed goal – Get more MOT Bookings. So we put our pedal to the metal with an AdWords campaign based around exactly that! And It worked. In three months we increased monthly turnover by 26%, not to mention the long-term loyalty value.