OBC worked with the high-end Birmingham-based Shepherds barber’s to create engaging social media posts, along with a stunning and functional e-commerce website. The website needed to engage their existing customers and draw in new ones through content marketing and their social channels. Everything had to use the existing brand guidelines in order to make sure the brand was consistent across the mediums it was active on. Shepherds also wanted to drive business through the site by selling products and adding a booking system for their haircuts and shaves in-store.


We analysed existing barbers websites to create a unique website that was a step above Shepherds’ competition. We used the existing brand guidelines they had in place, and after our conversations/sessions with the brand, we were able to develop a perfect breakdown of the customer base they were looking to attract with their new site. Our social media and content marketing strategy were then created once we had our target market finalised. We produced daily social media content that engaged with the Shepherds audience and aimed at growing their followers. In terms of content marketing, we created in-depth blog content, sourced from first-hand interviews.



The blog and social media content kept Shepherds’ audience engaged, even when they weren’t looking to book an in-store appointment. The idea is to keep the brand at the forefront of their audience’s attention, so when a booking is needed, Shepherds is a brand they instantly think about. This strategy also took into account SEO and ways we can market on social media through hashtags to acquire new followers and readers who can convert into Shepherds’ customers later down the line. Our website design needed to feel premium, whilst reflecting the brand’s guidelines, in order for the site to feel consistent with their existing products and store.

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