OBC worked with Loki to create a simplistic and functional website that drew attention to their array of wines they have on offer. This site needed to integrate an e-commerce store, with product pages for a selection of their wines. The website also needed to promote the events Loki regularly ran, as this is a key revenue stream into their business. Loki’s site needed to reflect their existing branding and fit the friendly tone of their store and how they run events.


We created a simple homepage that easily focused on the key aspects of Loki’s business, the events and product side. We kept the core colours of Loki’s branding and used them throughout the site. Their tone was used throughout the site and the brand values were at the forefront of our minds during our creative process. OBC did first-hand photoshoots for all of the products in the e-commerce store and accompanied it with a beautiful descriptive copy in order for the products to rank well in the search engines.



By making sure the website portrayed the correct tone of Loki, it gave customers the perfect insight into what to expect from their experience at Loki’s events or when visiting their store. Loki is situated in a little arcade in Birmingham, so the website was key to drawing new customers into the store. Customers are able to book onto the events and purchase products without setting foot in Loki’s store. This enables the brand to offer a convenience factor to their customers by saving them time. Customers don’t need to head into Loki’s store to book onto an event at a later date, these two trips are now reduced to one thanks to the websites booking system. This also applies when purchasing products too. If customs aren’t able to visit the store, Loki now has the ability to still reach those customers through their e-commerce website.

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