Hortons worked with OBC to create a new and updated website for Piccadilly Arcade that highlighted their tenants and drew attention to the stunning architecture of the arcade. The website needed to be detailed, informative for people wanting to visit the arcade and also showcase Piccadilly Arcades fascinating and interesting history. We did this by producing stunning photography, detailed copywriting and blog posts alongside a modern and slickly designed website.


Their website needed to be clear to the consumer and easily show all of the relevant pieces of information. By opting for a one-page site and clear UX design, we were able to make sure all of those points were achieved in an effective way. We worked with one of the city’s best photographers to showcase Picadilly Arcade’s beautiful historic architecture and the tenant’s stores inside the arcade. By producing creative blog content for the website, we were also able to flesh out the history behind the architecture of the arcade, to showcase details that are easy to miss and make Piccadilly Arcade an attraction that people need to visit in the city.



The website needed to be very clear in order to achieve the main end goal of the site, to draw more customers into Piccadilly Arcade and revenue to its tenants. The websites focus on providing information in a clear way made it easy for customers to find out how to get to the arcade and its opening times. The photography and copy of the website created a buzz around the arcade, making it more than just a retail destination by turning it into a historical attraction. This adds a whole new dimension to drawing people into the arcade, who are then also likely to browse the tenant’s stores once inside.

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