OBC ran social media campaigns to spread awareness of Glimpse, build up their follower base and bring in more customers. Some of the campaigns included #GlimpsePeople whereby we gave followers insight into customer profiles. We did a small photo shoot with customers and developed some copy based on the information that they wanted to provide. #GlimpseXPenguin is another one of our campaigns, with this project focusing on glasses and reading books, an entertainment form closely associated with eyewear.


Our social media projects begin with extensive research and planning work. We begin by drawing our creative ideas that can effectively engage Glimpses current followers whilst building that count up too. We then discuss the campaign as a team to generate the most effective ways of making the campaign successful. Our projects were then discussed with Glimpse along conducting weekly photoshoots to make sure we have a constant stream of unique and beautiful images. All of the pictures also have hashtag research integrated into them too. Hashtags on Instagram is one of the most effective ways of people discovering an account and becoming a new follower. We heavily researched hashtags that were relevant to Glimpses brand and used a combination of small and high usage hashtags with each picture.



By having a mixture of campaigns you are able to create a different call to action with the followers. With the #GlimpsePeople campaign, this heavily engaged Glimpses audience who wanted to get a feature on their account. They are more likely to share their own pictures of Glimpse to get their attention and promoting the brand to their own followers in the process. This not only creates good levels of engagement but also attracts new followers to the brand who can convert into customers further down the line.

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