Film Birmingham


Film Birmingham came to OBC to create a stunning new website that championed Birmingham and that would raise awareness to attract more filmmakers to the city. The website needed to attract new filmmakers and showcase that Film Birmingham is a one-stop shop for production needs, including finding the ideal location around Birmingham and the right crew members. The website highlighted key projects Film Birmingham has been a part of and a detailed breakdown of their involvement to the production of certain projects, including Ready Player One, Peaky Blinders and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


We had to create a detailed website that collated every piece of information that a filmmaker would need in order to run a successful project in Birmingham. We had to break down the relevant points into separate pages and implement effective UX design to make the site attractive to filmmakers working in a visual industry. We understood that the site needed to be extremely visual in order to make Film Birmingham appealing to people working in an industry all about moving images and visuals. We worked with one of Birmingham’s best photographers on a huge photography project to showcase all the ideal shooting locations across the city for the site too.

Film Birmingham
Film Birmingham


In order to attract filmmakers, we needed to create a beautiful site that integrated a lot of moving and static visuals. This was a crucial aspect that needed to be implemented into the site to attract people working in this industry. By making sure all the information was collated in a clear way, it made sure that the majority of the filmmaker’s questions will be answered throughout the site. We also created external outgoing links, situated above the central navigation bar and viewable on all pages too. The entire website gives filmmakers all of the information they require in one or two mouse clicks.

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