Anderson & Hill


The traditional delicatessen, Anderson and Hill came to OBC in order to get their website redeveloped, whilst still keeping their classic vintage branding at the forefront of the website. The updated site would enable Anderson and Hill to draw in new customers and shed light on key areas of the business that drives a lot of revenue, including their wedding offerings, hamper selections and lunch menus. This whole process also included taking new photography and creating a detailed copy plan for each page on the website.


Our process always begins with sitting down with the client to understand their business and identify what they would like to achieve. Through these sessions, we were able to understand that the website needed room to draw attention to the main areas of the business (the wedding offerings, hampers, lunch menus, and in-shop products). The site was built with these pillars in mind, whilst also sticking to our core principles of making easy to navigate sites that provide a great user experience. When we met with Anderson and Hill, we immersed ourselves in their brand values of supplying quality products from the finest artisans across Europe. This learning process allowed us to create strong foundations before developing our copy and photography plans.

Anderson & Hill
Anderson & Hill


Anderson and Hill is a brand that has a very selective process when it comes to the products they stock. There is a huge emphasis placed on the ingredients used and the quality of the artisans behind the products. Quality products are what the brand is all about and this aspect of the brand was the deciding factor behind our copy and photography choices. Our photography work for Anderson and Hill is aimed at drawing attention to their products, whilst utilising the warm tone that Anderson and Hills brand is associated with. The copy, on the other hand, was detailed, descriptive and focused on the quality of the ingredients and how they were sourced.

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