Website Development

The web is changing rapidly, so it is paramount that our development team maintain a passion for the digital world. All our developers work together to share discoveries of new technologies and techniques and to debate and agree upon best practice.

All our developers use HTML5 and CSS3, and have an in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to ensure that all our sites are built with maximum visibility in mind. We code mainly in PHP, using open-source software such as WordPress and TYPO3 content management systems which are flexible, extendible and customisable to fit with our clients’ needs.

A key aspect of each developer’s role is to set up the Content Management System (CMS) in a way that makes the website is easy for our clients to edit, so we do extensive testing to make sure that is the case.

Website Design

We believe that web design is a broad term that encompasses a great deal more than whether a website looks good or not. Website design includes the structure of the sitemap, ensuring that all pages are easy to find through a logical structure. The layout of each page – ensuring that key information is presented clearly, and that the page isn’t overcrowded – is as important as the final design aspects of colours and fonts.

At OBC Digital, we’ve established a tried and tested web design process to ensure that every website we produce delivers on its core aim. This begins with research on the target market and clarification of the key goals of the site. We then produce a rough design vision to show our concept for the site, which acts as a basis for discussion and feedback. This vision is then developed into a full website design that is shown in our prototyping tool, Theatre, so feedback can be collated, revisions made, and the design then signed-off.

Mobile Websites

We have designed, developed and built a number of bespoke mobile sites that are specifically designed for mobile users. Bespoke mobile sites go one step further than simply having a ‘mobile-friendly’ website, ensuring that it’s structure highlights the information that is most important for on-the-go visitors.

Similarly we can develop mobile sites that are similar to mobile apps, that are built for a specific purpose and encourage regular repeat visits. The experience of visiting a mobile site should be as good and as bespoke as using the best mobile apps, and mobile sites have a number of advantages over apps, including:

  • mobile sites work on all mobile devices, you don’t have to have different versions for different devices.
  • you can still download icons to your mobile homepage, meaning you link straight into the site.
  • users don’t have to download regular updates in the same way as they do with apps. The mobile site can be updated immediately at any time.

White Label Websites

OBC Digital are proud to deliver websites, on-time and on-spec to Branding, PR and Strategy agencies in Birmingham, and further afield. Our pricing is standard across the board:

  • £999 gets a scrolling one-pager, and includes a year’s hosting and SSL. Examples of one-pagers are OBC Digital and Piccadilly Arcade
  • £1999 gets a full wireframe, and also includes a year’s hosting and SSL. Examples of this are Film Birmingham and Legna.
  • £2999 gets you an e-commerce website. Examples of this are Shepherds and Minima.

If the client requires an agency all year round to tinker, design, change and edit, then we do a retainer-based offering instead. With one month’s retainer up front, this is a really cost-effective way for businesses to scale their online presence without the massive outlay of a new website.

  • £199/month for a one-pager.
  • £299/month for a full wireframe.
  • £499/month for e-commerce.

The client just sends us one email a month with all their proposed changes, copy, imagery and preferences, and we get it turned around within 7 days. This is subject to a minimum of 12 months, and also includes web-hosting and SSL.

All prices are subject to VAT.


Whatever your requirements for e-commerce, we can help. We have used a number of different platforms, including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, so we can recommend the best system for the project based on your requirements. Each of these platforms is feature rich and gives online merchants complete power over their site.

Using the inbuilt reporting tools and Google Analytics, you can easily analyse the behaviour of your customers, and then optimise the site to achieve better results. We will work with you to grow your business based on these insights, and ensure that targets are met.

Branding & Corporate Identity

We always assess the brand of every prospective client before we begin the work, and decide if it needs evolving as part of the project. We have a diverse in-house creative team with years of experience in brand creation and evolution, and we use a specialist design duo who are able to produce fantastic new logos, brand guidelines, branded templates and print collateral.

Copywriting & Editing

A website is ultimately only as good as the content within, so it’s important to ensure that the photography, film, and text works in tandem with the design and functionality of the site to communicate the best of your organisation.

We therefore recommend that our clients consider engaging us to either write or review their website text. We work with an experienced copywriter who has vast experience of writing engaging copy for the web. An understanding of the overall project and creative concept is key, so we ensure they are introduced early on in the process and properly briefed.


Imagery is often crucial to the success of a website’s design. As part of every project, we do an audit of our client’s existing bank of imagery, assess the overall quality, and identify gaps that need to be filled. It is often highly recommended that new photography is commissioned during the project.

If that’s the case we are happy to work with your photographer, or we work with a photographic artist (who we commission on a regular basis). We are able to brief them on the client, the project and what we need, ensuring that the imagery is perfect for the site and is supplied in the best way possible.

Video Production

We work with a superb video production agency to create bespoke content for use on your website. As we establish our creative concept for your website, we will consider the benefits that video content can play in delivering the best experience to your audience. 

We will engage you in this process, and put together a tight brief for video production based on a clear rationale. We work with their producers to deliver the perfect content for you, and manage the entire process from start to finish.

Social Media

Social Media is playing an increasingly important role in the way that we find and share information online. That is why we always discuss integration with social media at an early stage of the website specification process.

It is possible to use information from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on third-party websites, and have information going the other way so that comments and posts written on a site are posted to social media sites.

The level of interaction depends entirely on our clients’ needs, but the important thing is that all staff at OBC Digital have an expert understanding of what is possible. Updates in the field of social media are made every day, so we ensure that we all keep our finger on the pulse by staying up-to-date via blogs and forums.

Search Engine Optimisation

A major factor in whether a website is well ranked in Google is whether the website has been structured and built in an SEO-friendly way. Designers and developers at OBC Digital all have an expert understanding of the principles of SEO, so the websites we produce are likely to perform well in search results even without extra attention to SEO.

We will always discuss the importance of SEO early in the brief phase of a project, and make recommendations based on our client’s needs. This often includes a full audit of SEO performance on the existing site, which will highlight keywords to target with the new site. For clients that keep us on retainer, we can then monitor performance over time, and re-prioritise and re-target as we reach your goals.