Omar Budeiri

Curriculum Vitae

Multi-skilled, fearless type that thrives on cultivating relationships, learning new stuff and delivering groundbreaking digital, visual communications.

Born and raised in Birmingham.

I’ve lived in a post-cv world for quite a while now, so please pardon me if this one is a little unorthodox. I started my career as a salesman, selling utilities and telecoms, firstly to students, then landlords, then property investment funds. Glide was a startup when I joined, but during the time I was there, It grew from five people, to fifty. I then, with the Glide management team, set up business telecoms firm, Roar, which we sold to GCI telecoms after three years of trading. During my time working in sales, I worked with a few Birmingham-based creative agencies, Including Orb (for branding), and Big Cat (for events). I made lots of great contacts in the industry, and after six years in utilities and telecoms, I moved into the creative space.

So, at VIVA worldwide, I was responsible for new business, but quickly developed a skill for making sure that the expectations that we set for the client, were then surpassed in the projects that we delivered. During my time there, I on-boarded work from Spain, France and the UAE, as well as a few great projects back in Birmingham. I then moved across the city for a role at Rice Media, a bigger agency with more clients, and a much headier pace. As head of strategy, I got to analyse every bit of work we did, and work out how best to on-board clients, deliver on our promises, deliver some intensely tricky technical projects and manage talent.

Then, in March 2017, I thought I was ready to set up shop on my own.


01. Founder & CEO / / OBC Digital

Delivering beautiful digital to strong, independent brands in Birmingham and beyond. Websites, SEO, PPC and Social Media.


02. Writer & Editor / / The Minimalist

Delivering articles and photography of the highest quality, with a focus on entrepreneurs from all walks of life.


03. Head of Strategy / / Rice Media

Delivering SEO, PPC, Social Campaigns and Digital Products to clients all over the UK. Big focus on client processes.


04. Co-Founder / / Taggr

Yeah. My day job wasn’t enough. I went into business with my boss, hired developers and built a killer app. It was a waste of resources, but I learned tonnes.


05. Interim Commercial Director / / Viva Worldwide

Working with designers, developers and clients to on-board and deliver some pretty cool digital strategies for national and global brands.


06. General Manager / / Roar

VoIP and mobile telecoms for UK businesses and academic institutions. Learned how to do some pretty big sales work, and learned that being a nimble challenger to the market can have some pretty big advantages.


07. Sales Manager / / Glide

My first proper job (that wasn’t flipping burgers, pouring wine, washing cars or delivering parcels). I was the first salesman hired by this tiny startup. Learned to be professional, sell to people from all walks of life, and investigate opportunities.

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