OBC Digital

Project #45
Flat 8 Gallery

Project #46
Agency Dealmasters

Coming Soon Grow your agency.

Project #49
Top Tailor

Coming Soon. New store. Same legend.

Project #40
Anderson & Hill

Coming Soon Beautiful ingredients for serious foodies.

Project #41

Coming Soon A piece of Italy.

Project #42

Coming Soon. Reggae royalty.

Project #37

Coming Soon Fast access to funding

Project #30

Coming Soon Alluring Arcades

Project #38

Coming Soon. Timeless furniture

Project #28
Van Boshuizen & Kalfjes

Ancient. Ethnographic. Modern.

Project #27

Coming Soon Drink wine, make mischief.

Project #29
Film Birmingham

Coming Soon Explore Your Canvas

Project #23

Welcome to Shepherds – Masters of the trade, with a personal, tailored service.

Project #20

Opheem is just me. Unleashed. – Aktar Islam

Project #3
Williams Gallagher

Planning specialists, redefining places with informed advice.

Project #16

Glimpse Opticians. Independent Eyewear Experts.

Project #39

Project #14
Inhabit Ibiza

Our House, Your Home.

Project #2
Connect Futures

Training & Research for the prevention of Extremism & Exploitation.

Project #10
Midland Autocentres

Always local and ready to help.

Project #26
The Minimalist

Digital trends change faster than the seasons. Clarity has stood the test of time.

The digital agency that

reaches Birmingham’s

most discerning audience.

Since 2017, we’ve been helping organisations across the city to connect with their audience. We understand how deeply these guests, passengers, residents and patrons care about the quality and provenance of their products and services. It’s a mindset that influences how they travel, where they stay and who they bank with.

It’s an audience shared by our magazine, The Minimalist, which OBC Digital helped to launch in 2017. Today, The Minimalist is a contemporary design icon with an influence that permeates urban centres across the city and informs countless aspects of city life.

Sharing both a CEO in Omar Budeiri and studio space in Birmingham gives the two companies a rare closeness and shared understanding. We employ this understanding in every new project we work on and every new market we work in.

Identifying the strategic need is the essential foundation for every client and project. Through exploratory workshops, brand architecture, messaging framework, narrative and naming work, we define, position and articulate our clients’ businesses. We make brands desirable through elegant visual ideas and a distinctive tone of voice, based on a defined strategic positioning.

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Contact OBC Digital

We never advertise or use recruiters, but we are always on the lookout for designers, developers, writers, strategists, account managers and interns. Game recognises game, so if you’re a passionate marketer and think you have what it takes to work at OBC, send your CV and details to ob@obc.digital for all opportunities.

Birmingham Office

Floor 21, Alpha Works, Alpha Tower, Birmingham, B1 1TT

  • +44 (0) 121 238 3136
  • +44 (0) 794 961 1157


Omar Budeiri

The Founder.

Omar heads up the team, scoping out the projects, working out the plan and keeping clients informed. He also gets his hands dirty with creative and has read pretty much every sales & marketing book on the planet.

Nerdiness aside, Omar has tonnes of experience, both within an agency and in-house, which makes him quite canny at viewing the marketing process from multiple angles. His ten-year career has led him into various fields, and he has been finalised for various awards, including the coveted BYPY (Birmingham’s Young Professional of the Year) in 2014.

He'll have a glass of red. Don't let him order scotch.

Lizzie Jordan

The Designer.

Media Grad Lizzie, armed with an iPhone (or an SLR) takes stunning photographs, designs your pages and puts together punchy, vibrant campaigns to engage your audience.

She'll have one glass of wine. Maybe two. But then she'll get the last train home.

India Rafiqi

The Social Butterfly.

India is our resident ideas person. She takes photos of everything she likes, and re-builds the stuff she doesn’t. She is a perpetual source of positivity in the OBC office, regularly showing up in clothes she stitched herself and relentless in her attempts to persuade us that we should eat less animals (and more vegetables).

India studied fine art at BIAD adding layers of colour to our monochrome slickness. She’s always offering us new perspectives and drops social media ideas like Hansel & Gretel dropped breadcrumbs. Check her out on instagram.

She'll have a glass of vegan, organic, hipster-wine.

Conor Rees Headshot

Conor Rees

The Writer.

Conor is the founder, writer and editor of an international print magazine called 99 Percent Lifestyle. Having left university in 2015 Conor won the top award at the Birmingham Press Club’s prestigious MMS Awards in 2016 for his work on the publication. Having worked with hundreds of brands, influencers, creators and entrepreneurs, his written work is now read all around the world.

At OBC Conor works on producing well-researched high-quality content, creating an engaging experience for the audiences of OBC’s diverse clients.

He'll have a pint.